VandeStreek Brewery

VandeStreek Brewery

The brothers Sander and Ronald van de Streek started brewing in 2010 in a flat in Kanaleneiland. We can now say that this hobby has gotten completely out of hand.

VandeStreek beer is one of the largest independent breweries in the Netherlands, and our beer is available in supermarkets, liquor stores and restaurants throughout the country.

VandeStreek is also becoming increasingly well-known across the borders and we now export to all continents and more than 22 countries.

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VandeStreek only uses simple ingredients of water, hops, malt and yeast, we brew beers full of flavour every day, which everyone can enjoy.

In 2010 Sander and Ronald started brewing in the kitchen, now vandeStreek beer is an ever-growing group of professionals and fanatics who are busy perfecting our beers every day.

In our brewery, we brew about 40 hectolitres, or 13,000 cans of beer, per batch. Most days, we brew multiple batches in a day to be able to meet the huge demand. Would you like to order our beer to taste at home? That's possible!

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